Surface Casting Epoxy Resin 1.5kg

ZAR 700.00

Surface Casting Epoxy Resin

Best used for thin layer resin art (e.g. art on wood, glass or tiles, etc) and jewellery, coasters and other shallow mold castings of up to 10mm.

Sold in packs of 375g which makes up both the Part A (Resin) and Part B (Hardener) aswell as a 1.5kg pack.

Casting thickness: 1mm - 6mmClear,
UV stabilised (slow to yellow compared to non-stabilised resins)
FDA approved for food contact up to 50'CLow viscosity (high flow resin)
This cured resin is suitable for temperatures up to 80'C
Cured resin is ultra-hard and scratch resistant when cured..
Mixing Ration is 100 Resin : 50 Hardener by weight (This resin should not be measured by volume)

For health and safety please view the document here.Guidelines and Data sheets will be sent with every purchase of Resin and can also be acquired by sending us an email.

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