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Welcome to Serenities Art Studio, a little escape from the world's hustle and bustle. Here you can find high quality arts and craft products for a range of hobbies and art projects. Shop from the comfort of your home via our Online Store or come visit us in the studio.

The studio aims to provide a space where our clients can peruse and purchase their most loved or much needed supplies, whilst drawing inspiration from the creative environment and art pieces on show. 

Weekly classes and workshops in various art forms aim to give our clients the opportunity to learn a new skill, fall in love with art and inspire them to create something of their own.

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Oil Painting

Oil paints - Oil mediums -  Brushes -  Canvas -  Pallettes - Brush cleaners - Pallette knives - Tools and more

Acrylic Painting

Acrylic paints - Acrylic mediums - Pouring medium - Varnish - Gesso - Brushes - Canvas - Easles and more

Watercolour Painting

Watercolor Paint - Watercolour paper - Watercolor pads - Brushes - Brushes - Easles and more


Mosaic tiles - Glass tiles - Ceramics - Pebbles - Crushed Glass - Stained Glass - Wood - Wooden bases, Mandalas and more

Resin Art

Resin Kits - Colour Pigments - Pearl Pigment Powders - Alcohol Inks - Silicone Moulds - Crushed Glass - Crystals, Tools and more

Drawing and Sketching Supplies

Oil Pastels - Graphite Pencils - Chalk Pastels - Alcohol Inks - Paper Pads - Canvas Pads and more

Paint Accessories and Tools

Brushes, Canvas, Canvas Pads, Palettes, Wood Cut-outs, Gold Leaf, Deco- Varnish, Modge-Podge, Craft Glue, Tools and more

Polymer Clay Art
Polymer Clays, Clay Cutters, Clay Textures, Clay Tools, Embossers, Acrylic Rollers and more

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Boredom is the feeling that everything is a waste of time; Serenity, that nothing is " -- Thomas Szasz