About Us

Hello, welcome to Serenities Art Studio. 

I'm Christine Kenny, the founder and owner of the business. 

For many years I've been running the rat race of a 9-5 corporate career and treasured the few hours I had on weekends to dabble in various art forms and allow myself to be immersed in creativity.

Through my love of painting, drawing, mosaics, resin art, and quite recently experimenting with sculpture pastes i've found that it's nearly impossible as an artist (or even someone simply trying something new) to find all the products and supplies I require in one place within reasonable budget.

I've dreamt of the day where I can own my own studio, spending my hours doing something I'm passionate about and helping others achieve their creative ideas.

And so the idea of opening my studio began to take shape. 

At Serenities art studio, I would like to provide you with the opportunity to source your art and craft supplies (either via the online store or from my studio). The studio aims to create a serene and creative environment for beginners, art entrepreneurs and professional artists to gain inspiration, skills and much needed supplies.

The aim is not only to supply products but also to host classes and workshops ranging in the various art categories, thereby giving our clients a space where they can truly create, learn new techniques and feel inspired to "colour outside the lines".

The online store aims to showcase the wide range of products on our shelves as well as the various workshops and classes on offer. This allows you, our valued customer, the opportunity to shop in the comfort of your home any time of the day, through a secured online payment method of your choice.

I'm always open to suggestions and feedback and would love to hear from you, so please feel free to contact me directly on info@serenitiesartstudio.co.za

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

All the best,
Christine Kenny
Serenities Art Studio