Delivery Information

Revision date: 01 December 2020
We currently only support the delivery of products within South Africa.
For all deliveries, we will use a courier service of our choice to deliver purchased goods to your location.
We will do our best to deliver within the time frame that is communicated to you and we gaurantee delivery with a full refund or replacement option but will not be held liable for non-delivery of goods if the delivery information that you provided was incorrect.

We suggest adding a day or two in the safety margin for delivery time but do offer a return and refund option if the order is delivered after the stipulated period. We will however not, under any circumstances, be held liable for consequential losses that are incurred due to late delivery. The limit of our liability in this regard would be to the value fo the order placed.

Please note that if you select a delivery address that is a significant distance from any city or town (including farms and rural areas) then the delivery time given may not be applicable. We retain the right to cancel orders that may require delivery to places that we cannot deliver to at a reasonable cost. In such instances we will give a full refund if payment has already been made.

Please Note: The period between Black Friday and Christmas are esentially very busy periods for most courier services and we ask that you allow for the possibility of delays in delivery aswell as taking public holidays into account. Most of the courier services are also closed or running on limited staff in the period between Christmas and New Year. Please take this into account when placing your order and allow for a delay in delivery time.

After dispatch we will send you the name and contact of the courier service aswell as the waybill in order for you to keep track of your order.

For any urgent orders please contact us directly at and communicate the urgency of the order aswell as providing the Order Number and Proof of Payment.